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Simple Renting's rental property booking system allows instant bookings to be made through your website.  Payments can be credited directly to your credit card merchant account or to PayPal.  You can also accept bank wire payments and checks.  In addition,  the system will generate automated emails and allow you to keep track of all of your bookings.  There's also a comprehensive accounting system, reporting and graph production that really allows you to keep on top of things.

If you already have a website, our booking components can easily be either embedded into your site or you can simply link to the calendar in exactly the same way that Rentors.Org does.   You can then benefit from Simple Renting's booking and management system.  To see examples of pages that your site will link to, click here for the calendar and here for the property rates.

If you don't have a website, Simple Renting's free website builder together with the booking system provide you with the tools to advertise your property, obtain the booking, send emails to the customer, manage your rental property and provide the necessary information for you to ensure that your investment is on track.


We will add the booking system to your existing site if required so you don't need to get technical to benefit from Simple Renting. We can also build your site from scratch should you not have a website.

All of this for only $250 per annum!

Here are some example reports produced by Simple Renting:-

  PDF Report File Bookings Report
    This report lists bookings within currency.
  PDF Report File Cash Flow Report
    This report shows incoming and outgoing money within each currency.  The report will convert the amounts into whichever currency that you specify when you run the reports.
  PDF Report File Expenses Report
    This report lists and groups expenses.  A graph is shown as a summary at the end of the report.
  PDF Report File Website Pages Viewed
This report shows your website pages that have been viewed.
  PDF Report File Profitability Report
    This report shows income for a given period together with the expenses and is an ideal report for the end of year accounts.
  PDF Report File Tourist Tax Report
    This report produces a tourist tax return that can be printed and presented with the necessary payment for the county.  Although this layout is for the Osceola county in Florida, Simple Renting will produce the return for your property's county. You can exclude bookings from this report if required.
  PDF Report File Sales Tax Return
    This report produces the federal sales tax return. Simple Renting can also file you sales tax return electronically if required for Florida rentals. Once again, bookings can be excluded from the return if required.

Here's an example of some of the available charts:-
  PDF Report File Bookings by State with US selected
    This chart shows the quantity and duration of bookings for each state in the selected country.  In this case the United States was selected.
  PDF Report File Bookings by State with UK selected
    This chart shows the quantity and duration of bookings for each state in the selected country.  In this case the United Kingdom was selected.
  PDF Report File Income by Country
    This chart shows the income for each country for a selected date range.  A currency can be selected with most of the charts and Simple Renting will automatically convert and display amounts for that currency.
  PDF Report File Bookings by Country
This chart shows the quantity and duration of bookings for each country.
  PDF Report File Nights Booked
    This chart shows the amount of nights booked by month for each year.
  PDF Report File Pages Viewed
    This chart shows the quantity of hits on your property website for each page.

If you have a PDA or Smartphone, you can send quotations and view your bookings.  You can also get your property news directly onto your device.

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